The Thorium Data Platform

Thorium Data Is the Next-Generation Data Catalog for Everyone


Holistic Data Catalog

Create a single source of truth.

Data sources can be added to the Thorium Data catalog with a straightforward step-by-step sequence that anyone can do. Or, individual data assets can be set to be added automatically, when they are detected in a data source location.

Once inventoried, data assets can then be enriched with the knowledge needed to establish the meaning of the data by connecting together the key trinity of meaningful data: the Data Asset, a Data Dictionary, and a Business Glossary.

Data Dictionary

A centrally-managed data dictionary allows you to escape frm incomplete and scattered field definitions.

The data dictionary lets you specify the “shape” of a data field, such as its type, format, and whether it can be null.

You only need to define the attributes of a data field once for the organization, and then you can link those definitions to fields or columns in any data asset.

Business Glossary

Complementing the Data Dictionary, the Business Glossary documents the business meaning of your data.

With rich text documentation and business-significant properties, a glossary term establishes the canonical meaning of data for your own business. And like the Dictionary, you only need to define a glossary term once, and then you can link those terms to where they occur in any data assets.

Universal Search

Universal search across the entire data catalog finds what you are looking for, quickly. Persistent search is always available and works like you expect it to, whether you are searching for the right data asset, a data expert, or a topic.

Don't spend your time looking for data – spend time getting value from it.

Knowledge by the People, for the People

Enable people to work with data more effectively with social collaboration. Capture and quantify the collective wisdom in your company that would otherwise be lost or uncertain. Integrated collaboration tools engage everyone across disciplines in the task of making the data more valuable.

Any of the key catalog entities (assets, data dictionary entries, and glossary terms) can be rated, watched, and followed. If there is ever a problem with the data, a straightforward issue tracking process provides an environment to record and resolve the problem in context.Discussion forums allow anyone to ask a question where subject experts can answer, and that conversation becomes part of the collective knowledge.

Machine Learning Works for You

Integrated Machine learning and automation aids and augments your work to help you reach your goals more quickly and effortlessly.

When added to the data catalog, machine learning systems automatically analyze and profile the data assets to uncover statistical and semantic information about the data.

ML and automation augment and enhance the data, so that you can focus on working with the data.


Ease of use is in Thorium Data’s DNA.

Designed from the ground-up to be clear and simple, the user experience in Thorium Data is prioritized to create an engaging and enjoyable experience.

It is a single location to discover, understand, and access data in the company for everybody across the data lifecycle, from data stewards to data consumers. Setup is easy, technical details are available when needed, and non-technical employees can quickly find data without training. Cross-disciplinary collaboration lets people help each other.

A simple and straightforward data catalog makes data management delightful.

Unique Valuation Metrics

Data is a asset. But few treat it as such.

Thorium Data is the easy-to-use solution to change that.

All of the platform capabilities revolve around the purpose of increasing the value of your data, measurably.

Our expert-curated data valuation methodology measures where the value in your data resides. And risk, too. Out-of-the-box KPIs display data enrichment, value, and risk measurements, giving you an at-a-glance view into individual data assets and your overall data portfolio.

In addition, there is no need to spend time creating and configuring dashboards. Your personalized home page displays the metrics you need, while each data asset includes a top-level summary of its own key metrics.

Make Small Steps to Great Goals

Built on the principle of small steps, Thorium Data brings the revolution of the Agile approach into the world of data management to benefit everybody.

Instead of attempting to transform your data environment with a monolithic undertaking that struggles to reach its goals, an agile approach to data enrichment works in real achievable increments.

Everyone is empowered to collaborate and contribute to the catalog on an ongoing basis. Each step is recorded and celebrated, moving closer to an improved data environment and higher data valuation one task at a time. The results are measured continuously so progress is always apparent.

Responding to new business needs is straightforward – as the company evolves, your data catalog evolves with you.

The agile mindset also is the basis for our Pathways feature, structured project environments that guide teams to data enrichment goals.

Inspire Engagement

Thorium Data is the first platform to apply the rewards of gamification to the serious business of managing data.

Goals reached in the catalog are acknowledged, from adding a data asset to extending the business glossary to resolving an issue in the data.

Significant milestones for people and for the overall catalog, like taking a data asset to “golden,” are celebrated, along with positive feedback and helpful directives.

Recognizing accomplishments leads naturally to higher engagement and drives new achievements. Ultimately, this increases business value and improves top-level business outcomes for everyone.

Connect Now

Thorium Data connects to your data sources and works with both on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

Connect to what you need and to where your data is.

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Easy to Connect, Everywhere

Connect to most databases or anything with a REST API.

Thorium Data empowers you to work with all of your data sources seamlessly in one place.


SAAS Tech Stack

The Thorium Data platform is a SAAS application, thoughtfully engineered on modern technologies. It takes advantage of proven open-source components and a container-based architecture.

Analysis, Not ETL

The Thorium Data catalog connects to your data source, analyzes it, and leaves the data there. Only metadata is stored. Your data does not move.

Security First

Security principles are an integral part of the development process at Thorium Data. All connections to and from the catalog are fully encrypted with SSL. We follow best practice industry security standards throughout the application.

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