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Thorium Data solves a range of problems faced in today’s complex data environment.

By Issue

Change Uncertainty Into Trust

Confidence in your data is difficult to measure. And without documentation, trust in the data is impossible, while the most important data is hidden and hard to find.

With an integrated Business Glossary and Data Dictionary, Thorium Data is a holistic data catalog that connects together the critical trinity of data, definition, and meaning for each asset. When all connected, data becomes meaningful.

Added to that is captured tribal knowledge about the data from the people who know and use the data. Collaborative documentation makes shared knowledge easy.

Out-of-the-box KPIs measure aggregate data value, giving you an at-a-glance measure of a data asset’s contribution to your overall data value. Your most important data stands out.

With Thorium Data, you do not have to wonder if you can trust your data.

Effectively Manage Data Risk

Data risk is difficult to understand. Data assets grow faster than policies can keep up with them, data Is used without knowing its meaning, and dark data poses unrecognized liabilities.

With Thorium Data, every data asset you add to the catalog is automatically analyzed. Data assets are then scored on a number of proprietary metrics,from enrichment level to risk.

The platform continuously calculates aggregate data risk, giving you an at-a-glance rating for both individual data assets and for your overall data portfolio.

Which gives you the knowledge you need to manage your data liabilities.

With Thorium Data, you will be in control of your data.

Understand Data Value

Data assets are growing fast, and costs are growing with them. But cost-benefit analysis of most data is unclear or indefinite, making it difficult to connect data value to the business.

With Thorium Data, every data asset you inventory becomes a known entity. As the data is enriched with metadata, connections, and social knowledge, the value and cost of the data becomes measurable.

This gives you an at-a-glance overview of both individual data assets and your overall data environment so you can understand which data is adding value and which data is costing your business.

This gives you an at-a-glance overview of both individual data assets and your overall data environment so you can understand the data’s ROI.

With Thorium Data, you’ll always know the value of your data.

Find Simplicity Fast

More and more people are looking for, accessing, and using data. However, complicated legacy and technology-centric tools are barriers to nearly everyone, which impedes engagement and leads to poor value.

Thorium Data is built on the principle of delivering a best-in-class, people-centric experience. This means that enterprise-class data management is delightful for everyone.

Universal search across the entire data catalog finds the right data, quickly. A holistic data profile that links data, definition, and meaning gives the information needed to understand the data. A collaborative environment and unique engagement featuresinspire everyone to work together to enrich the data in a natural and friendly manner.

With Thorium Data, everyone can easily work together to manage your data.

By Role

Chief Data Officers

The Chief Data Officer’s mandate is to give teams access to the data they need to make business decisions while ensuring quality and security.

Creating a source-of-truth for data in the organization makes Thorium Data the solution to these complex governance issues.

An overview of the entire data catalog displays KPIs that are found nowhere else, from valuation to risk measurements. Rapid search enables teams to find and use the right data. Cross-disciplinary collaboration connects everyone with a common business vocabulary and the social knowledge needed to understand the data, and ensures that it stays both relevant and authoritative.

Govern the entire data portfolio.

Manage. Secure. Enable.

Data Scientists

Data scientists are using data to build models that answer critical business questions and unlock new insight. Typically, too much time is spent finding the right data.

With Thorium Data, data assets become meaningful and discoverable via an easy-to-use platform. Universal search across the entire data catalog finds the right data, quickly. Once found, technical and business context are linked together to make the data understandable. And collaboration across the entire company keeps the data trustworthy.

Improve the day-to-day lives of business-critical data scientists.

Discover. Understand. Collaborate.

Data Stewards

Data stewards are the supervisors of data, responsible for tending to the data asset and making sure that it is usable. Without the right tools, the data steward’s work is impossible.

With Thorium Data, data stewards have a holistic source-of-truth for data assets. Data assets can be inventoried and progressively enriched by connecting them to canonical data dictionary entries and business glossary terms, establishing meaning for everyone. Data KPIs give clear indication of the data’s value. and collaboration across the entire company gathers social context to keep the data valuable.

Data stewardship becomes easy.

Classify. Document. Collaborate.

Subject Matter Experts

  • Collaborate
  • Document

The data experts know the data from one end to the other. Finding their expertise, however, can be a chore.

In Thorium Data, Data Experts are connected to the data assets. Documentation, discussions, and social tools make their knowledge available to benefit everyone.

Documentation, discussions, and social toolsweave their knowledge into the data asset itself, creating ascalable andauthoritative body of knowledgethat would otherwise be lost or discorporate.

Everyone benefits.

Collaborate. Document.

Citizen Data Users

When data is democratized, anyone who embraces a data-driven culture to make informed decisions becomes a data consumer. Unfortunately, difficult-to-use and technology-centric legacy data management tools are barriers to everyone.

Thorium Data changes the game. All of the platform features work together to empower non-technical users to quickly and confidently discover and use the right data themselves, without a complicated process or involving the IT department.If there are questions, it is easy toknow who knows the data in order to collaborate with the right people.

Everyone can find value – with delight.

Discover. Understand. Collaborate.
Create More Value From Data, Faster and Better Than Ever

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